i got a book deal

What the fuck, right?

My debut novel, LET THE WOODS KEEP OUR BODIES, will be hitting bookshelves in October 2023. Published by the kind folks at Ghoulish Books, with an audiobook version as well!

So, yeah. That’s how my week has been.

Things feel exceedingly surreal. I had to read the acceptance email from Ghoulish last week about twelve times before I realized that it was serious, and that I wasn’t misunderstanding it. They liked my book, and wanted to publish it. LTWKOB would be a real thing—you could feasibly walk into a store in real life and buy it a mere 14 months from now.

That’s . . . wild. I’m excited, obviously. Also terrified, predictably. To think that soon enough people could be reading a story I’ve spent the last three or more years thinking about and obsessing over. Essentially having the contents of my brain splayed out on the wall like a mural for all to gawk at (they typed, as if that wasn’t exactly what they were doing right this very second. Hello, reader!). It’s very vulnerable.

Indie horror has created such an incredible community with some of the most talented and creative people I’ve ever known and looked up to. I’ve been on the audience side of it for so long, it’s weird to think that I’ll be contributing to it.

And of course, as a result of all that, there’s gonna be the coming anxiety of my own inner critic that cringes at everything I’ve ever written. For now, though, I know that LTWKOB is the best thing I’ve ever written. That’s why it’s being published! I also know that the next book I write will be even better. And the next one after that. I’ll just have to find homes for them someday, too—now that I know for certain it’s possible.

Maybe I’m being hyperbolic. I’m sure to other authors, this isn’t even a big deal. But, goddammit, this is everything to me.

I am beyond eager to introduce you to my deeply troubled girls—Leo and Tate—and all the unexplainable phenomena they come across in Eston, Maine. Weird things happen sometimes. Hope you’ll stick around to see them.